My friend came over and was like: “We’re drinking beer right?!” Yeah!? XD


Break Free - Ruby Rose: A short film about gender roles, Trans, and what it is like to have an identity that deviates from the status quo.

During her childhood, Ruby Rose experienced confusion about their identity and gender, coming at a time to consider sexual reassignment surgery. She considered necessary to clarify the following: “In this video I’m telling my story that included bind my breasts in the ’90s was not aware of the damage that can cause those bands.. “



I’m in love with this gif. Everything about it. The rain drizzling. The candle flickering. The colors. I love it.


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this is the best thing in the entire world

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100% sure im ugly as hell and yet I still expect to be in a relationship with a hot person

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Marvel Selfie Time…

what a fucking loser

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When I said that I cleaned my room, I just meant that I threw everything that was visible into somewhere that wasn’t visible

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"Mrs. Lara Jolie"